Clinical Research Solutions

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, CRO, biotech or a medical device company, the development of new medicines or techniques is time consuming and expensive, with no guarantee of success. Finding ways to improve efficiency and accelerate the process of clinical research would generate huge savings in the cost of development and in the time needed to get the treatment to the patients. CT-N has the clinical research solutions you are looking for.


Through outsourcing of our study doctors, –nurses and clinical trial coordinators we offer flexible and cost-effective support to all your clinical trial sites who are affected by a high workload. Our ‘mobile’ study nurses are experts in patient assessment, recruitment, enrollment, follow-up visits and retaining the patients in the trial. CT-N’s study nurses and coordinators also reduce the amount of queries and make sure that the data entry is of the highest quality and is delivered on time. CT-N’s experienced study doctors and -nurses can even visit immobile and/or elderly trial patients at their home address.

Centralized Services

Do you need help with the submission of your clinical trial to the Health Authority (HA) and or Local / Central Ethics Commission (LEC/CEC)? CT-N’s trial start up Specialist does all the necessary research and administration. CT-N’s team of medical professionals conducts pre-feasibility, feasibility and selection of optimal sites and offers tailor-made trainings.

Expertise and Networking

Through our expertise and networking, CT-N can help you avoid potential pitfalls by supporting and advising you from the first idea for a new clinical trial to the final submission to the HA/LEC-CEC.

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