Outsourcing services

Have you noticed that several of your clinical trial sites have difficulties finding eligible patients? Does it often happen that your selected sites do not respect the trial timelines because they are affected by a high workload? Moreover you’ve surely experienced that many included trial patients prematurely withdraw their consent? Through outsourcing our study nurses and clinical trial coordinators we offer flexible and cost-effective services to all clinical trial sites that need support.

Patient recruitment

One of the most common problems in clinical trials is untimely patient recruitment. The consequences of insufficient patient recruitment may lead to extending the length of the trial, resulting into increased costs. Our ‘mobile’ study nurses and study coordinators are experts in patient assessment, patient recruitment, enrollment and retaining the patients in the trial by motivating and encouraging them.

Data entry

Data entry is an important task when working on clinical trials. Our data nurses are familiar with widely used e-CRF’s, RDC, INFORM, Medidata Rave, DataTrack and others. CT-N’s dedicated study nurses and clinical trial coordinators adhere to the guidelines of Good Clinical Practice, reduce the amount of queries and make sure that the input of data is of the highest quality and is delivered on time.

Clinical trial support

Sites that need a clinical trial assistant who can help with on-site blood sampling, ECG’s and patient questionnaires can also count on CT-N. Trial eligible, immobile and/or elderly patients can even be consulted at their home address by our study nurses or study doctors. CT-N can also manage the highly demanding clinical trial administration and take care of processing trial invoices.
Our study personnel are available on a part-time, full-time or even an ad-hoc basis depending on your requirements and subject to availability.

Centralized support

At CT-N we don’t just outsource our people. Our strength is the centralized support we give to our study team. By giving them expert guidance in all aspects of clinical trials, we can deliver the best results and build strong relationships with our clients.

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